Revenue Manager| Hong Kong Revenue Cluster – Asia/Pacif/Australia Region – Suite 1108 11th Floor Cityplaza One


Job Number 19093558
Job Category Revenue Management
Location Asia/Pacif/Australia Region| Suite 1108 11th Floor Cityplaza
One| Hong Kong S.A.R.| Hong Kong| Hong Kong S.A.R.
Brand Corporate
Schedule Full-time
Relocation? No
Position Type Management

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Responsible for the analysis of revenue| profit| and demand associated with
the participating hotels’ rooms and function space inventory. Preparation of
forecasts (budgets and projections). Prepares analysis of progress to budget|
projections| and forecasts. Accountable for critiques of sales strategy
effectiveness. Prepares analysis of revenue and profit opportunity (historical
and future). Develops/utilizes analytical tools and systems toward the goal of
maximizing total hotel revenue and profit. Serve as a demand expert to the
person performing the Business Evaluation and Inventory Management functions.
Responsible and accountable for managing rooms and function space inventory;
ensuring that the inventory is allocated and restricted properly in order to
maximize total hotel revenues and profits. Making Decisions and Solving
Problems – Analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best
solution and solve problems. Prepare and lead the weekly Sales Strategy
Meeting for 1-2 hotels.


Education and Experience

4-year degree from an accredited university in Business Administration| Hotel and Restaurant Management| or related major; 8 years’ experience in the business| management operations| or related professional area.


2-year graduate degree from an accredited university in Business Administration| Hotel and Restaurant Management| or related major; years’ experience in the business| sales and marketing| management operations| or related professional area required.


Prepares forecasts of revenue| demand and occupancy for rooms and function space- 3-6-12 months| long range and budget

Prepares and is accountable for sales strategy critiques and month-end reporting

Prepares the sales strategy meetings with critiques| findings and recommendations

Support preparation of budgets for transient| group and catering.

Manages all revenue| profit| and demand data associated with rooms and function space

Prepares revenue and profit opportunity analysis

Ensure that Good Data Standards are followed and used properly

Manage room authorizations| rates and restrictions (e.g.| group ceiling maintenance| forecast book maintenance| etc.)

Manage function space authorizations| restrictions| and rental

Generating and Delivering Accurate and Timely Results – Generating and providing accurate and timely results in the form of reports| presentations| etc

Exploring Business Opportunities – Exploring opportunities that drive profit| create value for clients| and encourage innovation; challenging existing processes/systems/products to make improvements.

Utilize Marriott’s revenue management systems and tools to ensure that revenue and profit are maximized

Demonstrating Leadership – Utilizing interpersonal and communication skills to lead| influence| and encourage others; advocates sound financial/business decision making; demonstrates honesty/integrity; leads by example.

Serve as an inventory and restriction expert to person performing the business evaluation and revenue analysis functions.

Ensure that the hotel’s sales strategies are effectively implemented in the inventory systems

Support for weekly rooms and function space forecasts.

Responsible for eChannel parity and relationship building with main partners / Market Managers.



Adaptability – Maintains performance level under pressure or when experiencing changes or challenges in the workplace.

Communication – Conveys information and ideas to others in a convincing and engaging manner through a variety of methods.

Problem Solving and Decision Making – Identifies and understands issues| problems| and opportunities; obtains and compares information from different sources to draw conclusions| develops and evaluates alternatives and solutions| solves problems| and chooses a course of action.

Professional Demeanor – Exhibits behavioral styles that convey confidence and command respect from others; makes a good first impression and represents the company in alignment with its values.

Managing Execution

Building and Contributing to Teams – Participates as a member of a team to move toward the completion of common goals while fostering cohesion and collaboration among team members.

Driving for Results – Sets high standards of performance for self and/or others; assumes responsibility for work objectives; initiates| focuses| and monitors the efforts of self and/or others toward the accomplishment goals; proactively takes action and goes beyond what is required.

Planning and Organizing – Gathers information and resources required to set a plan of action for self and/or others; prioritizes and arranges work requirements to accomplish goals and ensure work is completed.

Building Relationships

Coworker Relationships – Interacts with others in a way that builds openness| trust| and confidence in the pursuit of organizational goals and lasting relationships.

Customer Relationships – Develops and sustains relationships based on an understanding of customer/stakeholder needs and actions consistent with the company’s service standards.

Global Mindset – Supports employees and business partners with diverse styles| abilities| motivations| and/or cultural perspectives; utilizes differences to drive innovation| engagement and enhance business results; and ensures employees are given the opportunity to contribute to their full potential.

Generating Talent and Organizational Capability

Talent Management – Provides support and feedback to help individuals develop and strengthen skills and abilities needed to accomplish work objectives.

Learning and Applying Professional Expertise

Applied Learning – Seeks and makes the most of learning opportunities to improve performance of self and/or others.

Business Acumen – Understands and utilizes business information to manage everyday operations and generate innovative solutions to approach business and administrative challenges.

Technical Acumen – Understands and utilizes professional skills and knowledge in a specific functional area to conduct and manage everyday business operations and generate innovative solutions to approach function-specific work challenges.

Sales Application Development – Sales Application Development-Translating business context and requirements knowledge into sales application design specifications that help the business achieve sales goals; managing the implementation and maintenance of sales applications.

Sales Implementations – Sales Implementations-Driving and supporting the implementation of sales strategies and systems; seeking and taking appropriate actions on feedback; taking responsibility for implementation success.

Devising Sales Strategies and Solutions – Devising Sales Strategies and Solutions-Trying different and novel ways to deal with sales challenges and opportunities; taking courses of action or developing sales strategies that appropriately consider available facts| constraints| competitive circumstances| and probable consequences.

Sales Opportunity Analysis Sales – Opportunity Analysis-Understanding and utilizing economic| financial| industry| and organizational data; accurately diagnosing customers’ business strengths| weaknesses| and key issues that can inform sales strategies and plans.

Sales Ability: Persuasiveness – Sales Ability: Persuasiveness-Using appropriate interpersonal styles and communication methods to gain acceptance of a product| service| or idea from prospects and clients.

Basic Competencies – Fundamental competencies required for accomplishing basic work activities.

Basic Computer Skills – Uses basic computer hardware and software (e.g.| personal computers| word processing software| Internet browsers| etc.).

Mathematical Reasoning – Adds| subtracts| multiplies| or divides quickly| correctly| and in a way that allows one to solve work-related issues.

Oral Comprehension – Listens to and understands information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences.

Reading Comprehension – Understands written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents.

Writing – Communicates effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience.